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Information and Rates:
- A flat rate of $75.00/hour is charged.
-There will be  a required down payment of $50.00 
  • This is to make sure enough face painting supplies are in stock for your event. This down payment is non refundable. It will however be applied to the total. 
  • Down payment is to be paid at least a week in advance of your event to make sure supplies arrive in time for your event.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long to book a Face painter?

 I tell my clients to plan for about 5 minutes per person wanting their face painted. Some times it takes longer and sometimes it a lot shorter it just depends on what the person wants painted, but on average it usually works out to be about 5 minutes per person. 

  • Is there a minimum age? 

There really isn't a minimum age. It all depends on the child and how well he or she can sit still. Another important thing to think about is if the child likes to have a stranger touch their face. Some children are just too uncomfortable with the thought of having a stranger be that close or to have something put on their face. Each child is different and no one should be forced to get their face painted if they do not want it for any reason.
For questions on our hours of operation, please go to the "Contact Info" page. 

If you have any other questions, please fill out the "Contact Us" box below.
Make sure you have contacted Herz Face Painting prior to submitting your deposit to make sure the day and time of your event is open. All deposits are non refundable.
Pay Your Deposit Online
You can pay your $50.00 deposit online to make sure the date you want is saved! Just click the Pay Now button in the very top upper left hand corner.